Scientist, Practicing Psychologist
I am - Lena Feygin, Scientist, Practicing Psychologist, Systemic Family Therapist, EFT Therapist, Clinical Psychologist

Book author - “I want to be a Mom, and a Dad too” (Aug 2021) (a book for people who want to become parents)

Founder of Relationships Research Institute

Author of personality methodology [Psy-to-nomics]™ and parenting methodology [Family Orchestra]™

Media Expert for various TV channels, writer for Buro 24/7 and literary magazine Russian Pioneer, psychology expert and co-host of a talk show Women on Top (TVRain)

Teacher and a speaker at the Journalism School of Commersant

PhD candidate at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna,

Member of American Psychological Association (APA), Member of European Association of Personality Psychology and others (see below)
  • Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis (MIP) - Clinical Psychologist (full credentials to practice)
  • ICEEFT- CSST - Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Centre of Systemic Family Therapy (Moscow, RF) - Practicing Psychologist in Systematic Family Therapy
  • Sigmund Freud University - Ph.D Psychotherapy (2021) (Vienna, Austria) - Ph.D. Candidate in Psychotherapy
  • The John Hopkins University (Baltimore, MA) - Carey School of Business - EMBA (Executive MBA)
  • The Life Coaching Institute (London, GB) - Dip LC (Diploma in Life Coaching)
  • License - Director and Teacher in Multiple Disciplines - Department of Education, State of NY
  • Amstead University - Honorary Ed.D. (Doctorate in Education)
  • Fordham University (NY,NY) - Psychology Major - BS (Bachelor of Science)
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice (NY, NY) - Forensic Psychology - program BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Continuing Education
  • Center of Systemic Family Therapy - Certification - Sexual Dysfunction in couples - Family Therapy
  • Center of Systemic Family Therapy - Certification - Emotionally Focused Therapy: Specifics of working with infidelity with Russian speaking couples
  • Child Psychology Diploma - Centre of Excellence (GB) - 150 CEU
  • Certification - American Psychological Association (APA) - CBT Outside the Box: Tips and Tools for Multicultural Practice
  • Certification - APA - Psycho-oncology in Practice: Psychological Treatment of Medical Patients with Cancer
  • Certification - APA - When Grief Goes Viral: Psychological Assessment and Intervention in the Corona Crisis
  • Certification - APA - Mindful Self-Care in the Service of Health Care: An embodied approach
  • Certification - APA - The New Normal: Coping with uncertainty and mitigating anxiety during these challenging times
  • Certification - APA - Resilience for Trauma Responders: Protecting ourselves from Secondary Traumatic Stress
  • and others (full list can be requested)
Work Experience
  • Private Practice - (2006)
  • Founder - Relationships Research Institute (2018) - /
  • Academic Consultant to the PhD программе Sigmund Freud University (Vienna Austria) (2019)
  • Managing Partner - Meaning Formation Laboratory (2014)
  • In the past I have worked as a School Director in a Vocational Technical Secotr at the Franklin Career Institute (NY, NY)
  • Multiple Advisory position
  • Over 15 years of experience working with Corporate clients in the USA, Europe and Russia - in the realm of investment (psychological portraits of teams, startups and projects for investment), strategy, vision, and work with workforce (search, psychological profiling, team composition, conflictology, communication, change management and other)
Media / Professional Afficliations
  • Media Expert for - Channel 1, NTV, RTVi
  • Co-host of a talk show "Women on Top" with Anna Mongayt on TvRain channel -
  • Contributing Author to a magazine - Russian Pioneer -
  • Contributing Author to - BURO 24/7 -
  • Lecturer at - lecture companies - "Прямая Речь"; "Fragment Art Club" @fragmentartclub; PRM @lectoriumprm @anna_prm
  • Invited Professor - Kommersant School of Journalism, and Business Producers School
Methodologies used my practice
As a Practicing Psychologist I continue to learn and develop my practice. New methodologies and practices allow me to help my clients/patients find a multidimensional solution to their issues. We are able to select an approach that will be most effective in a particular case. 
My first book was published in august of 2021. The book “I want to be a Mom, and a Dad too” - it is for individuals who are considering parenthood. I tried to incorporate all of the challenges and nuances that  one might encounter on the way to becoming a parent. We start with a question - “Do I want to be a parent? What should I expect on a way”. The book is filled with practical exercises that you could do right inside the book and online.

For more information about the book and to access Workbook to enhance your reading experience please access here. 
Services Offered
Individual Psychological Consultations
Individual work is geared toward a wide spectrum of objectives and issues. Clients age varies from 12+. In order to determine if this kind of work is for you, please contact me stating the nature of your question. In private practice I use various methodologies and approaches, but the basis for all my work is going to be CBT (cognitive-behavioral approach) and psychological typology methodology Psy-to-nomics.
Systemic Family Therapy
In Systemic Family Therapy - I work with families. Family configuration can vary frorm couples counseling, families with children, and families with parents that are also invited into therapy if needed.
Group Therapy / Training
Along with colleagues I am running groups, these groups can focus on psychological trainings, as well as be focused more on therapy. Group participation is available in both face-to-face and online formats.

Some of the groups that are currently available focus on the following questions:
- Family group therapy and training that are reproductively challenged (IVF focused therapy) - partner REMEDI Reproductive Institute
- Interactive Family game - Get to know your family better
- Interactive game for Couples - Intimacy
- Series of webinars and seminars on the topics of sex and sexuality
among others
Coaching services are different from psychological consultation. It is based mostly on usage of practical/applied instruments and methodologies for the solution of very particular objectives that we set together with the clients. In most cases it starts with clients' psychological portrait and understanding of "Why do I want the things that I want" and "Why I do what I do", the nature of your desires and behaviors.
Corporate Consulting
Corporate clients come for different reasons, our work primarily focuses on employees/personnel, employee selection, reorganization, change management, conflictology, creation of innovative practices within a given organization, communication processes and trainings, corporate educational programs (individual lectures and programs that become part of the corporate university with personalized tracks for employee skill development)
Scientific Work
In line of our scientific work we are constantly on the lookout for productive partnerships with those interested. The areas of interest and expertise are: psychology, psychotherapy, psycholinguistics, psychogenetics and some others.

Also, in order to promote our scientific work we are open to collaborate with Media, Lecture organization and educational organizations around the globe.

Below please find resources and programs available. Access and information on cost/payment can be found at the individual program pages.
Decision Making Instrument
This instrument is used as part of the individual or coaching work. Please make sure that you have the proper password to access this instrument - Access
Family Game - Get to know your Family
In this game you will be presented with 150 questions for you and your family members. You can go through every stage of the game on your own time, and will receive feedback from the game curator periodically. Approximately once every two weeks you will be invited to participate in an online webinar that will focus on the most effective way to use the game and interpret your family responses to understand and improve internal family communication - Access
Couples Game - Intimacy
In this game you will be presented with 150 questions for you and your partner. You can go through every stage of the game on your own time, and will receive feedback from the game curator periodically. Approximately once every two weeks you will be invited to participate in an online webinar that will focus on the most effective way to use the game and interpret your responses to understand and improve internal communication - Access
Positive Mindful Parenting - Training
Online / Hibrid
This program is conducted online. Hybrid format implies that some parts of the program are self-paced and you will be able to do it on your own time, and some are scheduled webinars. - For more information click here
Webinars - Sexuality and Relationship
Online / Hybrid
Webinars are conducted on different topics related to human sexuality and relationships. In this section you will see announcements of the upcoming webinars. You would be able to subscribe to individual webinars as well as to purchase subscription to a program - for more information click here
Individual Lectures
Online / Face-to-Face
Here you would be able to find all of the announcement on the upcoming lectures.
For Existing Clients/Patients
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